Chicagoland Rescue Intervention and Support Program (“CRISP”) provides low or no-cost services to help Chicago pet owners keep their pets rather than surrendering them to the city shelter. Keeping pets with owners that loves them not only preserves the human animal bond, but helps our animal control reserve their limited resources for pets that truly need them. 


CRISP was created to provide owners and pets with thoughtful and loving alternatives to the shelter. Unfortunately, Canine Influenza is prevalent in Chicago shelters and highly contagious. Because of this, pets given to CACC have a high euthanasia rate, especially dogs. Not only that, once a dog is exposed to Canine Influenza they become harder to place and more expensive to treat. Together, we can minimize the number of pets in shelters and fill a home and a pet’s life with love.

See How CRISP Can Help

If you live in Chicago and are faced with surrendering your pet, click here to find out what services CRISP can provide you, or how you can give your pet the best chance at a new life

Fight For Change

Adoption isn’t the only way to make an impact on a pet’s life. CRISP has long and short-term goals to change the way pet adoption is done in Chicagoland. We appreciate all donations and thank you in advance.

Get Involved

Like pets, donations come in all shapes and sizes. We are looking to team up with corporate sponsors to benefit you, us and most of all, our furry friends.  

Saving one pet won't change the world, but for that one pet the world will change forever.

Our Coalition and Team
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